Documentation of Collection


Artist statement:

Charlotte Rawson

Tickets, 2013-2017

Paper, Ink

75 x 80 Millimetres


This is a collection of movie tickets from the past two years. The tickets are from a range of movies I have attended and are arranged in chronological order. I find being able to see an impression of time and memory in an object a powerful thing. That feeling can bring a person to a standstill, and to have someone stand in front of these tickets who can feel a sense of the past time and memory and nostalgia is a powerful feeling.


I have been creating this collection sub consciously and then consciously for the past four or five years. When we needed to exhibit a collection it seemed perfect for me to use this collection as it means a lot to me. Above is the artist statement I attached to my work. I felt that this statement documented my work and what my collection was about well. I originally chose a space over the opposite side of the room to where I ended up exhibiting my collection. However, I ended up being really happy with the space I was given and thought my collection worked really well and had similar parallels with the collections around it. We went through the basics of hanging and put up a string line. From there I ordered my collection in chronological order and hung it in a grid formation in two lines of nine each. I made two more string lines either side of the centre line so that my lines would be straight and all an even distance from the middle. We spent a few hours hanging and ordering our collections. At the end of the hanging I was happy with my collection and the way it was exhibited. I hung tickets that I had multiple copies of from the same movie in stacks so that people could look through them if they wanted to.