Continuing with my research I also looked at Ingrid Calame’s work to draw some inspiration from her art.

Ingrid Calame

Ingrid Calame uses a method of tracing multiple different surfaces and layering the tracings together to create layered artwork of different surfaces. Calame’s work often looks like abstract maps and patterns. She uses a really interesting method called pouncing where she takes a tracing with holes where the lines are and pins it to a wall. They then take little bags of pigment and gently bounce them against the wall over the lines. They then remove the original paper and the wall is left with the colored pattern of the drawing. Calame usually creates these on a large scale, such as her work of the Indianapolis Speedway.


I found this method and process really interesting, it is something I would love to try with one of my more detailed pieces on a large scale.

Her work has given me inspiration as how to interpret what I would like to do with my line work and how I want to abstract my ideas. I found it interesting how combining different layers and stories of places can create complicated and detailed artworks with multiple narratives. Calame has given me inspiration for ways I can develop my process and has helped open me to think more outside the box with how I am creating my work.



After my second grid sequence I compiled some informed research of artists that were inspiring me. These artists helped me to look at my work in a new light and see more clearly the directions my work could take. These two artists in particular, Julie Mehretu and Ingrid Calame, were two artists suggested to me by the lectures, as they saw parallels in my work with theirs.

Julie Mehretu

Julie Mehretu creates abstract art over architectural or urban narratives. Mehretu uses expressive mark marking over the top of these technical drawings to create expressive and explosive works. Mehretu works with a lot of layers by tracing projected images and then creating the work on top of those traces. Her work often refers to the urban background or the story and history surrounding a place.

I  found Mehretu’s work highly interesting and inspiring. I feel as though her work is quite similar to mine in the medium and visual appearance. I found her method of layering very interesting and its a technique I would like to see if I can incorporate into my pieces. I feel as though Mehretu’s work has a lot of inspiration for me in terms of what direction my work can go and different methods and techniques I can explore.


Image Research From Grid Page.

These pieces of art are the images I found the most inspiring from the Grid board on Pinterest. Further reference for these images can be found on my Pinterest page (link at end of this post.)

The qualities of these images I found most inspiring were the quality of the line and the use of patterns or grids throughout. I chose a mix of fairly simple and fairly complex images because i found both styles appealing through how a simple grid image can be so visually effective and how a complex image can be visually overwhelming. I have chosen all of these because I find them all in some way to be similar to the work I am creating, I am creating a lot of swirling line work and find that these works have techniques I can draw from. They have Inspired me in ways I can draw my subject in differing compositional strategies that refer to a grid while continuing my line work.

As for use of colour I was most drawn to the use of blues throughout the board. I have one pink image I chose which was surprising for me. I chose it because the use of the spiral pattern and differing quality of the line appealed to me.

I also would like to possibly incorporate the use of multiple pieces of paper to complete a grid.I intend to draw inspiration from this research for my next series of drawings using a grid method.