Hanging and Installing.

We had a choice of four spaces to hang in. The main exhibition room, a few hallways or a stairwell. I was the most keen for the stairwell as I could see the kites looking the best in that environment however we would have struggled to hang with the high ceilings and concrete walls. In the end we decided to hang in the main exhibition space with everybody else.

We decided to hang on Friday before the project was due as everyone had been busy on Thursday. I supplied the nylon to hang the kites with and Deb, Sophie and I put the nylon on all the kites as Sonny had another commitment. He had been at Uni earlier that day and when we were there all together I had the idea to hang the kites in the order of the matariki cluster. The rest of the group agreed and we decided on that specific order. None of us had access to a ladder that day and the technician was not at Unitec so we were finding it very difficult to hang. In the end we decide to either come in on the weekend if we could or come in early on Monday morning before the project was due.


On Monday morning only Deb and I showed up at uni to hang. Sophie and Sonny could not be reached. We decided that rather than waiting we would begin to hang as we were running out of time to wait. We helped each other to hang the kites in the right positions and orientations. Sophie arrived a little later on and helped us to clean up the extra nylon on the kites and fix the hanging.


Overall I was not very happy with our project, mainly because I had no input into the final concept and was not too interested in the subject and what we were creating. I feel like the outcome has been satisfactory but in hindsight I think I would have preferred to either split the group or come up with a concept all together. However, I am happy with how the kites looked and how the end project emerged.


Making My Contribution.

As we neared the end of our project we all continued to make our kites. I had already cut some feathers to use on my kite but after thinking about the design for a while I decided that using watercolor on the paper first to resemble rain was a better idea.

I created a sheet that was watercoloured and then drew feather outlines on the sheet. Next I spent a while cutting out the feathers, folding them down the middle and creating slits down the sides. I would then glue them in rows on top of each other on the kite to create a layered pattern.


Start of Producing.

After deciding to create Matariki kites we sat down to decide on what they would look like and what we needed to do.

We were told it would be good if they could fly, however we decided to just make them first to get the first step done and then we could consider it.

We created a few brainstorms which I have attached below where we figured out the shape of each kite and what would be on them, we then assigned a kite to each person to make. We created each kite  to resemble each star and its properties in the Matariki cluster.

We then arranged to have some days where we would all come in to work on the kites together. Deb sourced the bamboo to use for the frames and then we went from there making the frames and the kites.

Group Concepts.

Initial Thoughts.

Our group consists of Sophie, Deb, Sonny and I. When we first met we decided to try and combine all of our individual projects into one concept. We came up with the idea of creating an interactive path where the viewer walked past four rocks, each rock would represent a different element (part of Deb’s idea). The rocks and the pathway was my original concept. We joined Sonny and  Sophie’s ideas together and were going to have Maori designs that represented each element cut into the rocks.

After some thought and feedback we decided that the idea was too complicated and involved too many elements so we moved back to brainstorming.

Second Concept.

We  then thought we could maybe create just one rock along the lines of this image:


We wanted to do something similar to this but with paper and have the different colours that corresponded with the elements.

We thought that this would be our final concept. However when we had the next meeting where we had to present our ideas, that I couldn’t attend as I was unwell, our group decided to change our idea and do something more relevant to us and what is happening around us.

We decided to create some Matariki Kites after the star constellation and also because the Matariki festival was running that week.