Final Works.

Final Works.

A3, pen.
A3, pen, watercolour, charcoal, acrylic.
A3, pen and watercolour.
A2, pen and photocopy.

These are the works I have selected as my finals. In my opinion these works functioned the best compositionally and were the most successful for how I wanted my works to appear visually.

I feel as though these works are the most developed of my ideas, I think I have succeeded in detailing my original idea and developing it into being more abstract based rather than just a drawing of an item. I wanted to deal with the concept of a free and flowing thing. Or and idea of becoming free from something quite fragile, which to me, is what the jellyfish illustrated at the start of my process. I feel as though I have addressed this development well and all of my drawings illustrate a fluidity and a complexity of something that is flowing within the confines of something else. I’m happy that I worked my way back to using pen and I thought I was successful in creating different quality of line and attempting to create some tone in those drawings.

As a reflection, I am generally content with the outcome of this project. However I do feel as though I haven’t quite reached the end of my process and I would like to continue to develop my work in this idea in my own time until I feel that my process is complete.