?Scape Framework Presentation

Charlotte Rawson Project Framework

scape project framework talk

This is my presentation and talk before receiving feedback.


C&D Prototyping


The verb I was given for this four week brief was ‘quiver.’ I started by thinking of how the word felt and looked to me. I was thinking of something quite soft and fragile the shakes in response to something else. For my tactile works I worked mostly with Indian Ink, Fine Liner and Acrylic paint. I started my research into what a visual quiver could look like and found a lot of inspiration in ways I could use my mediums to create that effect. Stacey Rees was one of my main inspirations. I found her work looked exactly how I would imagine a ‘quiver’, I used that inspiration to then translate that into my interpretation.

In week two I struggled a lot with completing the digital works. I find working on a digital platform much more difficult than a tactile platform. I had my work printed on a mix of textured 200 gsm paper, smooth and glossy 200 gsm paper and a few of my works on translucent paper. I found that  the translucent paper and the smooth finish were the most successful. In this week I looked at a lot of minimalist design and quite abstract design. I feel as though this helped me to move away from thinking in a tactile sense and into what I interpreted as a more digital sense of working.

In week three I was unsure how to translate my verb into a 3D form. I decided after looking at some artists including Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth that plaster forms that were quite fluid would best describe my verb. I wanted to create flowing forms that were smooth to the touch and changed depending on how you combined them. I found my research to be extremely helpful to the methods I used to create my work and the end forms that I produced.

In week four I worked mostly by using my previous work as my inspiration. I found working digitally was much more successful when I was combining it with my tactile work. I used pinterest to help give me some visual inspiration and more motivation as to how to keep creating new iterations. I looked back on my research that had influenced previous weeks and tried to find some work that mirrored how I would be combining my own work.


C&D Prototyping Week 3

3D Work.

Here are my thirty final photos of my 3D creations as well as some progress shots.