Week 10: Interactive Design

What was the most challenging part of the process for you?

For me the most challenging part was attempting to understand the other persons emotions so quickly and develop a concept from that in such a short amount of time. However I do feel that this forced me to learn and process a lot faster than usual and helped me learn in a different way. I think it is a great process to get into the habit of for fleshing out ideas and making a prototype quickly. I also found that I enjoy the concept of app design.



Illustrator 101

In this class we learnt the basics of Illustrator. Some of these tips I already knew of but a lot of the exercise I found very useful and informative in aiding my skills in this program. We learnt the basics of shapes, how to use them transparently, how to add an effect to a stroke of a shape and how to manipulate the shapes into different shapes altogether. We also learnt how to image trace an image and reduce it to different amounts of colour or different styles. Lastly we learnt how to use handles when making a path to create specific curves and how to use the pathfinder tool to split shapes into different pieces.

AlignmentBrushImage tracePathfinderpenguinSelection

Week 7: Photoshop 102.

Advanced Selections.

cat in forest

In this exercise we learnt advanced masking. We were tasked with putting the cat into the forest in a realistic way. I attempted to add shadows and highlights where the light would be, however I would like to learn that skill better. I also warped the perspective of the cat so it looked more like it was sitting on the path. I think this is a very useful tool and I would like to practice it to become better.

Week 4: Colour Memory.


Using Adobe Color CC I have created a palette that fits a memory of mine. Last year was filled with great memories. One of those that happened quite a lot, but one time in particular, was going for a drive at night with the people closest to me. For me the night was filled with vibrant experience and emotion. I chose colours that reminded me of this night emotionally and physically. The two greens were the colour of my partners hoodie and the surrounding bush. The deep blue was the colour the sky was illuminated in and the white is the reflection of headlights while  driving. The middle blue colour was reminiscent of the emotions I was feeling that night.

Week 4: Photo Realistic Photoshop.

These are my two photo realistic images. I was tasked with inserting two items into each image in as realistic way as possible. I found this task difficult, however it has taught me a lot and i understand how to work with Photoshop better than I did before.
In the image on the left with the girl surrounded by toys I decided to add two more toys to the image. On the right-hand side I added a small teddy bear and a blue dinosaur.
In the image to the right of the man dragging the clock by a chain I decided to attempt to include two more clocks in the image. I added one to the left and one to the right of the man.

As a reflection I would like to learn how to make the images I add look more like they are part of the original image. I aim to practice my skills and hopefully improve until I become more competent at Photoshop.

Week 4: Photoshop Exercises in Class.

In this lesson we were guided through the basics of Photoshop to give us some knowledge of the tools we needed to know.

I found the exercises a little bit challenging as the most I have done so far in Photoshop is some basic image editing.
For these exercises we were taught how to use transparency and make shapes. ( The image on the far left.) Next we were shown how to clear cut and place images behind a section of wall. I chose to create the inside of an industrial style home or establishment. I found this exercise easier as I was a little bit more familiar with the selection tools and the way layers are arranged. For the third image we were taught how to use blend modes to create multiple exposure images. I found this task easy as I have created multiple exposure on Photoshop previously. I chose a Darkened Blend mode to make the chess pieces appear as if they were the forest.

Overall I found these tools very useful and I feel as though I am more confident using the program.

Week 3: Letter Project

Team: Claudia and Charlotte

The letter we chose out of Bachelor of Creative Enterprise was the letter B.

We used the font Asphalt which was chosen by Charlotte.

Our team decided foam would be our preferred material to use, this was decided after consulting Ben, who recommended foam over wood bending as our font was better suited to a more flexible material.

We worked through our process in a series of steps from Thursday to Monday to complete our project ahead of the due date.

Step one: Being taught by Jimmy how to use the hotwire after deciding to use foam.

Step Two: Enlarging our letter b from an A6 size to an A4.

Step Three: Cutting out said image.

Step Four: Pinning said image to square piece of foam in preparation to cut.

Step Five: Briefing with Kennedy on our plan and idea of a final result. Him turning the power on.

Step Six: Testing out Claudia’s unknown skills on the foam by doing a small practice piece, under the supervision of Kennedy.

Step Seven: Cutting the letter out of the foam with the hotwire, done by Claudia.

Step Eight: Having Kennedy drill two holes (using two different drill bits) into the letter to create the negative space of the font.

Step Nine: Turning off the hotwire, removing it from the hook, threading the wire through the negative space of the letter and re-hooking it. Then turning it back on to cut out the negative space. This particular process was completed twice.

Step Ten: Tracing the texture of the letter on to the foam (this texture is the small green indents you can see on the front of the letter.)

Step Eleven: Sourcing our two chosen colours. Each person found one colour, Claudia Marine Blue and Charlotte Dizzy Lizzy Green.

Step Twelve: Painting six coats of blue and three coats of green over the space of a few days.

Step Thirteen: Painting the negative space inside the letter and using a sewing needle to paint the indents in our letter green as well.

Step Fourteen: Combining Pictures and notes, finalizing typing and proof-reading, uploading to WordPress.

We felt like our process worked well and we worked well as a tem to complete the task. In hindsight, it would have been nice to have our letter even larger than we made it, to make the shapes in the sides easier to cut and also more effective in viewing.

Week 2: Photography 101

Shutter speed & Aperture:

For this exercise as our first in photography, we were tasked with creating four images. Our shutter speed images show fast and slow shutter. One was shot at 500th of a sec and the other around 4′. One aperture image was shot wide open to blur the background and the other at a smaller aperture like f.22 to blur the foreground. We could have improved our blurred foreground image, however we all learned from the exercise and took away the basics.