?Scape C&D Further Artist Research

After my change in process and medium in the project I began conducting further research to help inspire me with how to go about the next stage of the project.

I researched Heather Day, Jaime Derringer and Michael Cina. These three artists were the mot influential and relevant to me. I also did visual grazing of other images.

Heather Day:

Day has been one of my biggest influences in helping me move into this stage of work as her work parallels with the work that I am doing.
Day is an abstract artist that has created many of her works from influences and scenes in her environment. She often conveys emotions through colour and abstracts the landscape to form her works. She uses mixed media and a variety of non-traditional techniques to create large and small-scale paintings. Day often creates her work on site while travelling or brings her experiences back to the studio to paint, majority of Days wok is based on environments with water and most of her impressions are about the moods the water gives her and how she interprets the landscape. This was hugely influential to me when I found this information as I was studying the patterns the tide makes and how this imprints on my feelings physically before abstracting those subjects.
I heard of Day through one of my lecturers’ and instantly felt drawn to her work. When I began to research he work and process I realised that I was approaching my project in a similar way, only just with one location and a different context.
I could draw inspiration from her work from looking at her different compositions and methods of mark making and painting. These helped to influence how I was looking at portraying my subject and environment.

Jaime Derringer:

Jaime Derringer is the first of the three and potentially the most influential to me after Day. Derringer is the found of the blog Design Milk, which I have been actively following for some time. I was unaware of her work as an artist until I reached this phase of the project.
Derringer uses shape and colour as a way of exploration in her works and often works using layering as a guide. She is a self-taught artist and practices part time along with running her enterprise. I have drawn the most inspiration from her series ‘Nebulae’, ‘Palm Springs’ and ‘Abstract’. Out of these three series I was most attracted to Nebulae because of the similar water colour style medium paired with layering and strong mark making. Derringer uses ink instead of watercolour, however I found the works relevant to my project in the aesthetic properties. Derringer uses a subject matter that is largely based on experimentation, with inspiration from electronic music, Japanese language, Sci-Fi and architecture.

Michael Cina:

Michael Cina is another artist/designer that has influenced these works. Cina mainly works in the graphic design industry and has built up an extensive career over twenty years in the industry, but in recent years has also branched into painting and has merged the two practices. While being interested in his graphic design work, his paintings grabbed my attention and interest. I found his abstract paintings to be the most compelling. Cina’s work is relevant to the first and second stage of my project because he creates works that have a lot of flow and paintings that have more abstraction and layering. Cina’s colours that are used in the works are encouraging me to branch out with the palette I am using and helping me to realise different palette combinations that work well together.
Cina does design work for the company Ghostly. These works are a pairing of his design and fine art practices. These are the works that I have found the most inspiring because while still having a fine art aspect they also hold the properties of streamlined design and effortless flow.


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