Group Concepts.

Initial Thoughts.

Our group consists of Sophie, Deb, Sonny and I. When we first met we decided to try and combine all of our individual projects into one concept. We came up with the idea of creating an interactive path where the viewer walked past four rocks, each rock would represent a different element (part of Deb’s idea). The rocks and the pathway was my original concept. We joined Sonny and  Sophie’s ideas together and were going to have Maori designs that represented each element cut into the rocks.

After some thought and feedback we decided that the idea was too complicated and involved too many elements so we moved back to brainstorming.

Second Concept.

We  then thought we could maybe create just one rock along the lines of this image:


We wanted to do something similar to this but with paper and have the different colours that corresponded with the elements.

We thought that this would be our final concept. However when we had the next meeting where we had to present our ideas, that I couldn’t attend as I was unwell, our group decided to change our idea and do something more relevant to us and what is happening around us.

We decided to create some Matariki Kites after the star constellation and also because the Matariki festival was running that week.


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