C&D Sculpture Process.

I chose the contemporary arts practice within the brief. In terms of considering this practice and the prompts I had chosen I decided it was best for me to create a paper sculpture of some kind. I have been wanting to create something 3D for a while and this project seemed like it would translate perfectly into an installation. Most of the artists I researched such as Angela Glajcar, Kendall Buster and Noriko Ambe created 3D sculptures often from paper.

After finalising my concept I needed to make some decisions on how to construct it. I originally wanted to do something fairly large, but considering we weren’t going to be exhibiting our final project I decided to make something slightly smaller that I could easily install in a space I could find. For materials I knew paper wouldn’t work with the size I wanted to create so I considered some sort of cardboard. I tried cutting some card myself and decided that it didn’t have the finished look and texture that I wanted. Instead I opted to get my project laser cut from card after seeing a laser cutting from a classmates group project and knowing that I wanted that finish. Here is the template I created to become my laser cut project:

laser cut

I decided on eight pieces of various sizes, Very similar to my concept drawing, so that when lined up you could see the different layers receding past each other and overlapping. After getting the shapes laser cut the first thing I attempted was seeing how they looked standing up, I had them all cut onto a piece of card slightly bigger than an A1 size.

I then decided that the shapes were too bland and didn’t say much as a piece, I had an overwhelming feeling that they were missing something. After some thought I decided to paint them white. I was originally going to spray paint them, however I decided that a lighter coat of acrylic that wasn’t fully white would have a more organic look.


After painting I felt that they were still not conveying the ideas that I had in my head. While having a conversation on the night I had painted them with my partner I had the sudden idea to include the image that had been the most influential on me while creating these. I found some topography images to use and decided to have them drawn on my pieces.

I spent a while deciding how to convey them onto my shapes in an effective way. In the end I decided to try a transfer using charcoal to trace the lines and then rubbing them onto my card, and if it didn’t work I could always remove the charcoal. I liked the effect and continued to create patterns all over my shapes. When I was finished I knew I needed to do something in order to solidify the topography patterns in a way that wouldn’t rub off. I decided the best way was to paint them. I tried to paint in a more organic way with a differing line quality and paint thickness to convey a more organic feel.


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