C&D Perspective Set Two.

In our next class we were set two mid tone drawings, two found material drawings and two mixed media drawings. For the mid tones I used Indian ink and gel pen on one and pen and gel pen on the other, I liked working with the mid tone paper as I found it added nice variety to the forms. The two mixed medias I created were watercolour and pen for the first and acrylic and ink for the second, this was a little out of my comfort zone as I don’t usually use acrylic and am not very familiar with it. For the found material pieces I created one on a found piece of card that had been spray painted, I used a felt tip pen for my medium. For the other I decided to try drawing my concept on my skin in charcoal. I was curious about what texture it would create and how different it would look. I also liked the idea of drawing something with the idea of something natural being on something alive. I also enlarged my drawings so that I was working with a bigger subject.



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